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Credit Scores 101

You know your credit score is important. You probably even know what yours is. But do you know what it means?

What’s the deal with RFID cards?

Open up your wallet. Take a look at your credit cards. There’s a good chance you’ve got at least one RFID-chipped card in the mix.

Not such a happy new year for Snapchat

The hits just keep coming for picture-sharing giant Snapchat. After nearly a month of security trouble, the company put a new safeguard in place last week

Children Identity Theft

Identify theft doesn’t just happen to adults with credit cards and bank accounts. In fact, children’s identities are stolen at a 51 percent higher clip than adults.

California Data Breach

California’s first-ever data breach report came out last month, showing 2.5 million residents had personal information put at risk in 131 incidents in 2012.

Phishing: What You Need to Know

Online fraud has come a long way since the days of Nigerian princes looking to move millions of dollars. Cyber criminals are getting smarter and their methods of attack are growing. In just the past few months, scammers have used fake IRS tax refund notices