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Smishing Scams: Everything You Need to Know

Most email users have caught on to the scam involving the generous Nigerian prince who wants to share his inheritance with them, so modern crooks have had to improvise. Cyber criminals have now revamped the practice of “smishing,” or Short Message Service (SMS) phishing.

4 Lean Tech Strategies for Startup Success

Succeeding as a start-up has gotten harder in recent years. In 2014, the U.S. start-up rate dropped to a 40-year low of 452,835, significantly below the levels of 500,000 to 600,000 new companies a year typical from the 1970s to the early 2000s, U.S. Census data shows.

4 Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Child’s Online Activity

Teens are considered Digital Natives, as they have always had technology in their lives. Digital devices are integral tools for your child’s academic pursuits, entertainment, and their social lives. While technology use can unlock wonderful opportunities for communication and discovery, it also leads your child into dangerous territories.

Fraudulent Freelancing: What You Need to Know

As the current gig economy hums steadily along, Intuit, parent company of TurboTax and compiler of employment trends, estimates that about 34 percent of the contemporary U.S. workforce is considered “freelance”

A Look at Increasing Cell Phone Account Fraud

Ever-evolving technology continues to fascinate and impress us, but with these incredible advancements come alarming risks. Keeping pace with the progressing tech, hackers and identity thieves are now hijacking cell phone accounts at an increasing rate.

Lessons Learned from the WannaCry Attacks

A hostage situation of a different nature rocked the world on May 12 this year when a ransomware program, aptly named WannaCry, tore through Windows computers globally holding the files of countless businesses captive and demanding $300 in Bitcoin for their release

Five Tips for Fostering Financial Harmony in Marriage

You probably heard it a million times before you walked down the aisle – money is the number one source of marital discord. There is a reason everyone from your Aunt Tilly to the nice old man at the bank advised you to talk about financial issues before marriage

How to Protect Your Parent from Identity Theft

Identity thieves tend to target the most vulnerable people, which oftentimes means children and the elderly. If you’re helping take care of a parent, you need to explain the common scams and problems that can lead to identity theft. Here are a few simple tips to start