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Brush Up on Cyber Hygiene: 4 Tips for Preventing ID Theft 

Cyber hygiene, as the analogy implies, is similar to personal hygiene. It is the information security equivalent of a simple routine that minimizes your online vulnerability. The general idea is that the bits and pieces of your online data are like your teeth; the better care you take of them regularly, the better shape they […]

Digital Healthcare and Identity Theft Among Seniors

Not that long ago, your doctor kept all of your health-related data in paper charts stored in a manila folder. Every time you visited your physician, the nurse would take notes in the chart and the doc would add info about your symptoms, prescribed medication and more.

Epic Hackers and Data Breaches

It’s not the time to sit back in relief that you haven’t been hacked yet. Instead, it’s time to assume the worst and expect you will be hacked as the odds stack against you.

Equifax Breach Triggers Tax Identity Theft Concerns

Many Americans dread tax season, and for very good reasons. Not only do they run the risk of having erred on their annual tax allocations, but also their sensitive data is suddenly everywhere, floating through the air, both figuratively on the web and literally in the mail.

The Value of Your Personal Info: How Much Is Your Identity Worth?

For many Americans, “identity” is important. In a nation founded on personal rights, most Americans have worked hard to become who they are, both personally and financially. For most, identity is priceless. But if your identity is compromised, how much could it be worth to someone else?

Smishing Scams: Everything You Need to Know

Most email users have caught on to the scam involving the generous Nigerian prince who wants to share his inheritance with them, so modern crooks have had to improvise. Cyber criminals have now revamped the practice of “smishing,” or Short Message Service (SMS) phishing.