4 Items Every Web Designer Should Invest In

Web designing is anything but easy. Those that persevere in an industry that is constantly evolving are a special breed indeed – half artist, half technologist. So what does it take to be a successful web designer?

3 Forms of Protection Every Family Should Have

When you think about protecting your family, you may envision things like having strong locks on the doors and windows, making sure everyone gets a flu shot in the winter and advising your kids to be very careful when they are on the internet.

3 Easy Ways to Manage Your Finances Online

In this day and age, we all need to figure out way to make our money work harder for us. For some, that just means stretching things a bit further. Others with more mature finances may be looking to optimize their portfolios and strengthen their positions in a range of areas.

3 Steps to Improve Your Online Security

Even if you don’t own an online business, chances are high that you’ve conducted business online. Whether you’ve logged into your online banking account, bought a lightning deal through your favorite online retailer, or shared family photos on social media, your information could be compromised when using the internet.

Easy and Effective Ways to Secure Your Home Technology

Maybe the current COVID-19 pandemic has you working from the kitchen table, or perhaps you have always been a freelancer who thrives in your home office. Or perhaps you have been concerned with some obvious “phishing” emails that have shown up in your inbox last week.

4 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is on the rise again and COVID-19 has provided new opportunities to scam people with fake posts and emails. COVID scams include fake vaccines or “miracle cures,” scam employment posts, fraudulent investment sites, and fraudulent e-commerce vendors for test kits, sanitizers, and masks