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Phishing Scammer Takes Google & Facebook for Millions 

Since most computer users have learned to be wary of Nigerian princes who come bearing inheritance money, scammers have learned to be more sophisticated and more brazen, as demonstrated in March when both Google and Facebook were conned out of millions of dollars.

Hackers Exploit FAFSA Tool to Steal $30 Million from IRS

Tax season is fraught with scams, hackers and identity fraud. While restaurants, stores and businesses have been targets in the past, this year it was students. Up to 100,000 parents and students may be at risk for identity theft if they filled out a FAFSA form

Medicare Creates New Anti-Identity Theft Cards for 2018

Victims of medical identity theft pay, on average, more than $13,500 to clear and reclaim their own names. Through no fault of their own, Americans are continuously targeted for identity theft through compromise of bank accounts, debit cards, employment documents and medical records

Why Millennials are Most Likely to Fall for IRS Scams

The term “con man” derived from an expression used in the 1900s to describe individuals who managed to swindle unsuspecting folk out of their hard-earned cash. Although con men have evolved over the years, the aim is always the same

Delaware’s JobLink Site Suffers a Disastrous Data Breach

More than 4 million data records are lost or stolen every day. While you may think that most data breaches are caused by negligent individuals or businesses, there are an increasing number of ways to be hacked in the modern world.

Wendy’s Data Breach Losses Eclipse Target and Home Depot Incidents

At least 1,025 Wendy’s locations were hit by one of the biggest malware attacks in history to compromise customer credit and debit cards. Wendy’s initially estimated 300 franchises had been affected before announcing that a second cyber attack engulfed over 1,000 locations.

Protect Your Customers Information With These Tips

Your client’s and customer’s information is only as secure as the weakest link in your business. From data encryption to careless employees, one mistake or overlooked detail can leave you and your clients open to a data breach. So, how do you close the holes in your security and keep sensitive information safe? Here are […]

Keeping Your Growing Store Secure

About half of all sole proprietorship retail stores are profitable. This 50/50 benchmark is the difference between a stagnant retail market and one that is successful. Moving from sole-employee to employee to medium sized retail business is essential to a small business’ life cycle but keeping the business safe can be a challenge.

How to Keep Your Bank Account Safe Online and Offline

Just because your money’s in the bank doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. This November, 9,000 customers of Britain’s Tesco Bank lost 2.5 million pounds (equivalent to $3.14 million) in a weekend in the largest successful cyberheist of a British bank to date.