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Happy Birthday, Chip Cards

Cash or credit used to be the biggest question in the checkout line. Now? Swipe or insert. Chip cards — those using EMV technology — arrived in the U.S. a year ago this month, and despite cries from consumers, studies show the cards

Donald vs. Hillary: Online Security

We explore how a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton presidency could impact online security, potential dangers to your identity and access to federal information.

Keeping Your Social Security Number Private

Name, address, date of birthdate, Social Security number. How many times have you filled out those fields on a form, not giving a second guess as to whether you should provide the information?

Is Shredding Enough? Disposing of Sensitive Documents

Tips abound on protecting digital information, but what about good ol’ fashioned paper documents? A stack of old bills, statements and unopened junk mail can be a treasure trove for an enterprising dumpster diver. Read on for ways to protect yourself.

Investment Fraud: What You Need to Know

Financial fraud comes dressed up lots of different ways, but those schemes (think Ponzi and pyramid), fraud and scams all have one purpose: getting your hard-earned money.

Guarding Your Electronic Devices

Your phone, laptop and tablet are worth more than you might realize. Personal electronics are an easy mark for thieves. They’re valuable, small, (thus easy to conceal) and easy to sell.

How To Safely Share Sensitive Information

We’ve all done it: shared something we probably shouldn’t have via text, email, instant message or otherwise. You might not think twice about sharing your Netflix login info or an employment form with someone at work.