Norton Secure VPN

Secure your connection everywhere you go. Norton Secure VPN guards your personal information like your bank details, passwords, and credit card credentials when using public internet on any device.

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Guard Your Personal Information

Norton Secure VPN Features

Why use Norton Secure VPN?

Unlike some of the other VPN companies, we do not track your browsing activity, nor do we save it. Its privacy in its truest sense. Your protection is our priority. 

Norton Secure VPN offers you:

Online Freedom

Content Access 

Wi-Fi Protection

Privacy & Security

Norton Secure VPN Global Servers 

Our global high-speed servers allow you to pick your virtual location or auto-select the best region for you. These servers are able to balance the increasing number of users by dynamically scaling in order to facilitate the best performance. 

How do VPN and security software work together?

A VPN and security software are two different products that are both available on NorthonLifeLock.


Over the internet, a VPN protects all your online activities and personal data you send and receive. It shields you from data theft especially while using public or shared Wi-Fi hotspots.

Security Software

Security software keeps malware and viruses out of your computers, tablets, and smartphones. Both VPN and Security features are included in Norton 360 Plans, along with extra features that guard your devices and protect your online privacy.