Tips abound on protecting digital information, but what about good ol’ fashioned paper documents? A stack of old bills, statements and unopened junk mail can be a treasure trove for an enterprising dumpster diver. Read on for ways to protect yourself.

A trashcan packed with mail and documents you probably think of as trash is a gold mine for an identity thief. Access to just bits of your information can lead to a full attack on your identity. From just a few pieces of pape, someone can find out your full name, your birthday, your address, your phone number, where you bank, what stores or companies you hold accounts with, where you shop, what you buy, where you work, what school your kids attend and more.

Someone grabbing your mail or digging through your garbage may feel like a thing of the past, but it’s still an easy, effective way to get at your sensitive information.

Let’s identify what kind of documents need to be properly disposed of. We’re referring to anything that contains:

Mail you may not bother to open is another common target. Pre-approved credit card or loan offers can do damage in the right hands. Even the pre-addressed envelopes can be used against you — they offer thieves perceived legitimacy.

Stop thieves in their tracks